Eccles Mural

It is not about the Wakes summer holidays that were held some sixty or seventy years ago! The Mural shows the Eccles Wakes that used to be held in August on the feast day of St. Mary, to whom the Parish Church is dedicated. The Wakes had its origins hundreds of years ago in the custom of rush bearing; cartloads of rushes were spread over the church floor. The carts were decorated, the people dressed up and celebrated with music, dancing and gentle feasting. By the 19th Century the Wakes had become a less religious affair. Races and competitions were held and blood sports included bull and bear-baiting and cock fighting. Although crowds came to Eccles to enjoy the general rowdiness and excess

Travel Clinics

This site offers lots of travel advice, but will also point you to your nearest Travel Clinic (just click on Find a Clinic from the link below and search by your postcode) for health advice/immunisation for your trip. Click here to visit MASTA Travel Health. #health

Salford Social Services

Including information about Adult and Older People Community Teams, Salford Disability Services, Joint Learning Difficulties Service, Salford Drug Advisory Service, Salford Alcohol Service, Mental Health Teams, Emergency Duty Team and much more, click here to access the Salford Social Services website. #healthserviceslocal

Age UK

Are you and older person in need of a bit of help? Or do you know someone who might need help? The national charity Age UK provides lots of free information booklets for older people and their relatives about everything from accessing care to security and financial matters. They also provide many services for older people, some of which are free, some of which they charge for (but at very reasonable rates). Click here to visit the website and find your local Age Concern Office. #healthrelatedsocieties

Alzheimers Society, Salford

Are you or is someone you know affected by Alzheimers? If so click here for useful information about this condition and local services in Salford. #healthrelatedsocieties

Crossroads - Care for the Carers

Crossroads is a registered charity which provides practical and emotional support to Carers who are responsible for the care of children, young adults, adults or older people at home, who have a physical/sensory disability, learning difficulty or who are chronically ill and have life limiting illnesses. Click here to learn more and access their services. #healthrelatedsocieties

Action for Blind People

Action for Blind People is a national charity with local reach, providing practical help and support to blind and partially sighted people of all ages. Click here to access their website. #healthrelatedsocieties

Arthritis Care

Click here to find out about local meetings in your area. Also lots of information around news and events, workshops and courses, campaigns, volunteering and much more. #healthrelatedsocieties

Health Advice for Travellers

Are you planning to travel abroad? Need to know which vaccinations you will need? Or if there are any health issues in the country you are plannning to visit? The National Travel Health Network Centre (NaTHNaC) is full of up-to-date information for travellers - just click here to visit the site. #health

Hospital Guides

Do you want to find out more about how your local hospital performs. Or perhaps find the best Consultant to treat you for your particular condition? The Dr Foster website has a Hospital Guide (search by hospital or NHS Trust), Consultant Guide, Hospital Report Cards and more - click here to visit the site. #health

NHS Direct

The NHS Direct website not only has the contact details for NHS Direct if you need to call them, but also lots of general health information, a General Health Assessment and a Symptom Checker - click here to visit #health #healthserviceslocal

Mental Health Services in Salford

If you need access to mental health services in Salford, click here to access specific information and links on the Salford City Council website. #healthserviceslocal

Police Museum and Archives

If you are interested in policing and police history then visit the Police Museum and Archives. Apart from general public interest, it has resources for students and teachers for GCSE studies and also has facilities to help with activity badges for scouts and guide. When is it open. 57a Newton St, Northern Quarter Manchester, M1 1ET 0161 856 3287 / 4500 / 3284 Email #law

History of St Pauls Church, Monton

​ Monton was a quiet village of green fields, small farmsteads and very few residents. Monton Green was unfenced and surrounded by trees. The Unitarian church was a small unpretentious structure, very different from the present building which has often been mistaken for the parish church, even by Bishops! The land on which St. Paul’s Church and vicarage stand was part of a small farmstead, known as Chestnut Cottage. Grange House stood on the corner of Park Road and Rocky Lane. A man, known locally as Quaker Hodgkinson, lived there and every Sunday he drove in a carriage and pair to the Friends Meeting House, Mount Street, Manchester The nearest church to Monton was St. Mary’s, Eccles Pari

Young Peoples Sexual Health Services (Brook)

Brook provides free and confidential sexual health services to young people, under-25 six days a week. If you’re under 20 please visit Brook Manchester Phone 0161 237 3001 A website, hosted by NHS Salford, has further information and details of clinics in Salford - click here to enter. The services in Weaste, Walkden Gateway & Swinton Gateway are still open but are now provided by Shine (Bolton NHS). #healthserviceslocal

Have you joined the organ donor register?

ORGAN TRANSPLANTS SAVE LIVES 96% of us would take an organ if we needed one, but only 27% of us have joined the NHS Organ Donor register. On average three people die every day waiting for a transplant because there are not enough organs available. If you believe in organ donation, please join the NHS Organ Donor Register using one of the following methods: Go to Call 0300 123 23 23 Text SAVE to 84118 Pick up a leaflet at your local library #health

Avoid being burgled

Tips to avoid being burgled. It is very important that you:- Keep windows and doors locked when you go out. At night when you go to bed, remove keys from the door and put them away out of view. Do not leave house or car keys on view. Do not leave laptops, mobile phones or valuables on view where they can be seen from a window. If you have an alarm....USE IT. If you go out of an evening, leave a light on other than the landing and draw curtains or close blinds. Your Community Police Officer is PC 12566 Tony Ashhurst If you wish to speak to any of the above for help and advice regarding crime prevention or any other community matter, please phone 0161 856 5317 or email salfordsouth.neighbourh

Monty the Playfoot's Giant Bee

A giant bee has landed in Monton to celebrate the buzz of the up and coming village. The two storey high piece of street art on Lansdowne Road was the idea of Monton Village Community Association (MVCA) where residents and businesses come together to promote and enhance the village. It shows a giant bee - now nicknamed Monty by local residents - with the words ‘amongst our bustle there's always a buzz.’ Jan Phelan, Deputy Chair of MVCA said: “Street art always gets people talking and really adds impact to an area. Monton is buzzing with new bars, restaurants and visitors and this has grown over the two years we have been planning this art project. “We chose the bee idea from the start becau

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