Avoid being burgled

Tips to avoid being burgled. It is very important that you:-

  • Keep windows and doors locked when you go out.

  • At night when you go to bed, remove keys from the door and put them away out of view.

  • Do not leave house or car keys on view.

  • Do not leave laptops, mobile phones or valuables on view where they can be seen from a window.

  • If you have an alarm....USE IT.

  • If you go out of an evening, leave a light on other than the landing and draw curtains or close blinds.

Your Community Police Officer is PC 12566 Tony Ashhurst

If you wish to speak to any of the above for help and advice regarding crime prevention or any other community matter, please phone 0161 856 5317

or email salfordsouth.neighbourhood police

Should an incident occur where you believe a police officer needs to attend please telephone 101.

If you have any information about any crime please telephone Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111