Monton Past and Origins

Monton used to be called Mawinga after an Anglo-Saxon warrior who lived in a settlement in this area in 1214. It was changed at a later to Mawnton then present day to Monton. Ton means settlement Saxon.

Monton Green Pre 1900

Monton Green lies between the urban and industrial areas of Eccles and Patricroft to the south and east and the former estate of the Duke of Bridgewater, with its more rural character to the north and west. Early plans show the green as an area of common land probably used for grazing. The early photograph taken before the arrival of the tram shows it as an area of open land with the old Bluebell Hotel visible on the right. The current Bluebell was built in 1902.

Bridgewater Canal circa 1910

From the southwest corner of the green you can look down the Bridgewater canal to Patricroft where the world’s first commercial passenger carrying railway crosses Britain’s first canal, and where engineering works, mills and railway yards developed during the nineteenth century. To the north of the green lies the entrance to Broad Oak Park and the track across Worsley Golf Club which still has the character of a rural lane. To the north west of the green stands the Unitarian Church with its impressive spire and lych gate.

Monton Green 1905

A view of the green following the arrival of trams in 1905. At the top of the picture can be seen the chimney of the Silk Mill demolished in the 1960's.