The Three Sisters - Local Nature Reserve

Over the last two years the Ellesmere Park Residents' Association Committee have been working with officers of Salford City Council, the Salford Ranges and Natural England to establish the Three Sisters as a Local Nature Reserve (LNR). Local Nature Reserves are for both people and wildlife. They are places with wildlife or geological features that are of special interest locally. They offer people special opportunities to study or learn about nature or simply to enjoy it.

When David Jeffreys from Natural England visited the Three Sisters in May 2013 he was very impressed with the site, in particular the amount of use of the area by local residents. Educational use of Local Nature Reserves is an important prerequisite to establishing an LNR. During the visit, and quite unplanned, a group of students from the college came on to the Three Sisters with their tutor and began to undertake a survey of the wild life. It could not have been more appropriate, even if EPRA had planned the biology lesson on the Three Sisters to coincide with the visit of Natural England.

Ellesmere Park Residents' Association are pleased to report that the Local Authority has now designated the Three Sisters as a Local Nature Reserve. A copy of the designation letter is attached to this e-mail. The LNR status will provide an additional level of protection for the Three Sisters and help in attracting funds to maintain the site in the future.

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