The Veterans Shelter

The first mention of the Monton Green shelter was in 1928. The original application was for a shelter on Monton Green for the use of older people in cold and wet weather.

For a full history and information of the shelter click on Monton Shelter. This leaflet has been researched and produced by Joan Seed 2014

The shelter was built in 1930. It wasn't what was expected. In the St Paul's church magazine shortly after its completion, it was commented that "it was what the City Fathers think we ought to have. While a beautiful structure, there was a lament for more comfortable seats"

Monton Village Community Association acquired funding from Heritage Lottery

fund along with money from the Association to refurbish the Shelter and put on a Shelter Heritage Event.

If you search on Google, you can find more information about the project and the event.


Heritage Event for the shelter

Photos of Heritage event