The Queen's Arms Patricroft - an historic gem

The Queen’s Arms, Patricroft

The Queen’s Arms is a great pub full of historic interest and original features. A very warm and cosy pub that serves real ale with guest real ales every week. As an historic feature it’s a case of use it or lose it so, It’s a little out of the way but come along and visit.

About the Pub

A traditional pub, the Queen’s Arms, is tucked away off Green Lane near Patricroft train station, and has been a feature of local life for over 185 years. Built in 1828 in readiness for the opening of the Liverpool and Manchester Railway, it lays claim to be the world's first railway pub. Known locally as the 'Top House'.

The Queen’s Arms is a Grade-II listed in 1989 due to its range of architectural features, including Edwardian etched glass windows and doors, and fireplaces with Art Noveau surrounds inside. It really is a great example of an unspoilt public house and in 2010 won CAMRA’s Traditional Pub of the Year Award.

Historic Interest

Originally called the Patricroft Tavern, the Queen’s Arms was built in 1828 to coincide with the opening of the Liverpool to Manchester Railway and renamed 23 years later in honour of the royal visit Queen Victoria’s royal visit to Salford in 1851. As such, it has a strong claim to be the world’s first ever pub built to serve the railway.

It has served hundreds of thousands of local people since the 1800s and was an important part of daily life in the Industrial Revolution – due to its proximity to James Nasmyth’s now-demolished engineering works.

[Darlington’s Railway Tavern, which was built a year earlier in 1827 for the Stockton to Darlington line, also has a claim, but is not Grade listed due to extensive internal changes]

Community campaigners the Queen’s Arms Preservation Society have been trying to get the pub listed as an Asset of Community Value since March 2014. The listing as an Asset of Community Value means has that if the pub ever goes up for sale, the group will be given time to come up with a bid. This ‘community right to bid’ was introduced by the government’s 2011 Localism Act, which says that Salford City Council must maintain a list of community assets, as nominated by community groups.

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