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Elm Bank Masonic Club – working with the community

Elm Bank Masonic Club offer several events for the community. Lunch and chat This is aimed primarily at elderly people who may feel lonely and isolated at home. It is held on the LAST Thursday of each month except December (to be arranged for Xmas). Each person will get a lunch, bingo and a chat. Please note, that this is by booking in with our manager on 0161 789 3736 option 4. Totally free. Prostate Cancer support group Meet here third Wednesday of every month at 1.30pm. This is not a medical group but offers support to those who may need it. This is free to come along. or contact our Manager for further details. 0161 789 3736 option 4. Bereavement Counselling This workshop offered by Angie Macklin called "How to Live with Grief". The one day workshop will help participants understand about grief and the impact grief can have upon us. It will explore the emotions that can be experienced, what can happen if we don’t express our feelings, and what we can do to help ourselves though the grieving process. It will bring together people who have similar experiences enabling them to be supported and felt understood and will leave people with exercises to take away and practice at home. It is open to all and free of charge to the participants. The first workshop is 22nd Feb, but we will open a list and will run more workshops when we get to a threshold of 8-10 participants. Please contact Angie Macklin on 07946 439491.

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