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Neighbourhood Crime Report - January

The local PCSO Tony Wood has sent details of some offences committed recently.

Watch Alert January

Burglary Location- Half Edge lane Eccles Date/Time- 04/01/20 1520 - 2235 Unknown offender's approach residential property and climb over side gate into rear garden. Offender's then proceed to smash back door and enter property. Offender's then conduct untidy search and steal items from within, before existing from the same way entered and made off in unknown direction.


Location-Clarendon Crescent Ellesmere Park

Date/Time-220520- 2205

Unknown offenders enter house and take disregarded car keys, offenders then proceed to steal car parked on drive and make off in direction of Snowdon Rd

Theft from motor vehicle Location- Clifton Rd Monton Date/Time- 03/01/20 – 1810 Unknown offender approaches car parked outside victims house and proceeds to smash rear side window. Offender then searches car and then makes off down Cliffton rd turning left in direction of motorway foot bridge. Criminal Damage Location- Rocky lane Monton Rise Monton Date/ Time- 05/01/20 – 19:10 Police arrest one youth, while two others make off from scene. Youths had entered the new build site and proceeded to cause damage inside. Thanks to vigilant residents contacting Police, we managed to arrest one of the youths at the scene.


Location- Dog Groomers Monton Date/Time- 03/01/20 – 01:10 Offenders throw large concrete block through front door window and proceed to steal various items from within shop. PCSO 65180 Tony Fletcher

Salford West Neighbourhood Policing Team


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