Calling All Residents and Visitors - Help the Spring Flowers on Monton Green

Dear Residents and Visitors. Monton Green has been a little oasis for people during lockdown and we are appealing to you all to help keep it that way.

Monton Busy Bee Gardening group from Monton Village Community Association spent many back breaking hours on their knees planting the crocus, fritillia and other spring flowers on Monton Green. (Some of us are no longer Spring flowers either but wilted tulips!!)

We are asking all residents and visitors who use the Green to be careful where they tread and try to avoid walking on or through the emerging spring flower clumps. The daffodils are just starting to come up and are getting damaged because people are walking through the areas where they are planted.

Please help the Busy Bees to keep the Greens looking beautiful and well cared for for all to enjoy.

Many thanks from the Busy Bee Gardening Group volunteers and Monton Village Community Community Association.