Canal Guerrillas - magnet fishing

You've heard of Garden Guerrillas, well Monton seems to have acquired some Canal Guerillas.

Last Sunday saw three people casting their magnets and grappling iron into the canal near the Health Centre. They are from a group called That's Brad. You can see more of them at

Most Sundays, they come out along with other like minded magnet fishers around the country. They are fishing for all the stuff that is thrown into the canal mainly metal based.

When they have get a good pile up from the canal, they call a local scrap dealer who comes and picks up the stuff within two days. The lads said that you would be surprised what they pull up from the bed of the canal,

This pile of metal was fished up from a very small section near the Medical Centre.

A great big thank you to them and all the others who spend their Sundays helping to keep our canals clear.

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