Churches in Monton close

Due to the current situation, churches in Monton will close.

Monton Unitarian Church

it is with great sadness that we must announce that, due to the government's instructions, Monton Unitarian Church is ceasing all activities and services as of immediate effect. We had hoped to be able to keep services going for a while, but all faith groups are being requested to close to help minimise and control the spread of coronavirus, and we feel out of a duty of care to all our members and attenders, as well as their families and the wider community, that we must adhere to this guidance.

Blessings Rev Anna Jarvis Unitarian Minister

Monton Methodist Church

Sadly all of the Methodist churches in the Salford Circuit including, Monton, Patricroft, Boundary Road in Irlam, St Paul’s in Irlam, Wesley in Cadishead, Glazebrook, The Height and the LEP Emmanuel on Langworthy Road are closed temporarily for worship, meetings, and groups etc but will open again when the Coronavirus has subsided and we are advised by the Methodist Church Connexion and Government.


Kim Radcliffe

Methodist Minister

St Paul's Church

We have been instructed by our Archbishops to cease public worship services for the time being. We will be open for private prayer from 10am - 11am Sundays and 10am -11am on Wednesdays. Visitors are asked to respect the 2m safe distance between people, and to wash their hands as soon as they arrive. We will be posting prayer resources and links on our Facebook page:

Yours in Christ Ross Rev Ross Garner, Team Rector Eccles Team Ministry

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