Comment/Object to the 5G Mast on Monton Green

Further to the recent blog on this site regarding a planning application to erect a 5g mast on Monton Green, you can comment or object BY the 29th September.

If you do have an objection the following points may be of use.

  1. This is a conservation area which extends to cover both the Greens in Monton and includes the Church plus the land near the Medical Centre

  2. The mast would be taller than the houses and the trees on the Green so would have a negative visual impact on this area

  3. There would be possible environmental damage to the trees on Monton green which are under protection

  4. The mast would be very close to both the houses on Monton Green and those across the road.

  5. There does not appear to have been any research on more alternative appropriate sites in the area such as the Monton car park or the car park on Dukes Drive.

  6. The mast and equipment boxes would be on the pavement and limit the space which is used by school children, their parents and walking groups which use the area.

Go to:-


or write to:-

Development Management Technical Services Salford Civic Centre Chorley Road Swinton M27 5AS

Reference 21/78352/TEL56