Did you know about Monton's Busy Bees?

There’s a buzz in Monton: not just from the bars and cafes but the shop shutters and on the village green.

It all began when the MVCA commissioned street artist Sumit Sarkar (aka Krixsix) and  poet Jenny Berry to produce art and words on the wall of Playfoots Cafe. The result, a dramatic bee and the words “Amongst Our Bustle There’s Always A Buzz”. Playfoots then ran a competition resulting in their bee being named Monty. 

The aim was to brighten up the streetscape and bring art to the streets of Monton. So it was wonderful for the MVCA’s ambition when other shops were happy to have art on their shutters that reflected their business and incorporated a bee.

Access Services North West Ltd; Panache; Sunset Boulevard; Bag Heaven; Honeypot Coffee Cafe; Vintage Ambience, Transcend and Powder Room all contributed, as had Playfoots, toward the project. Funding also came from the Neighbourhood Community Committee.

Photos of  all Monton's Bees

Monton Community Association Busy Bees Gardening Group also got in to the act with a new species of bee on the Green - a colourful knitted bee which can be bought in The Tap bar Monton Road. All proceeds going to buy plants and equipment to keep the Greens maintained.

Then, at the end  2019 the girl guides bee joined the buzz in Monton.  In 2018  as part of the “Bee in the City Trail”, the 2nd Monton Guides Unit created one of the additional 130 medium-sized community bees with the help of Marc Gallander of BeeStrongMCR. Features include the Girlguiding uniform colours, words of the promise and Trefoil logo and the interlinked hands on the base are all mixed, signifying friendship, working together, unity and equality.

After a vote, the most popular name, Bee Yourself, was decided. All 19 girl guides worked together evenings, weekends and during half term holiday, to decorate the fibreglass sculpture. 

The best time to view the shutter bees would be on a Sunday or Monday