Look in on these WhatsApp sites in lockdown

Have a look in on these WhatsApp groups set up by Salford Health Improvement which cover a range of of subjects from books to wellness to gardening to stopping smoking.

WhatsApp for Wellness - This chat group gives daily information and tips to keep well during these difficult times. Exercise plans, up to date advice on nutrition, links to their online exercise classes. Tips to keep busy and active and ways to avoid weight gain during lockdown.

Stay connected, share your ideas, thoughts and concerns

Text 'Wellness' to 07931 966 186

Walk Everyday WhatsApp Group - Salford Health Improvement invite you to join their friendly support group and stay connected. It is important for mental wellbeing to get fresh air daily. The group shares walk routes, photos and motivation to walk often. It's friendly and supportive.

Text 'Walk Every Day' to 07931 966 186

Book Worm WhatsApp Group - This group invites you to share book ideas, discuss your latest read, share poetry and your own stories. Weekly topics offered for those who wish to challenge their writing skills. Keep your mind active and look after your mental wellbeing.

Text 'Bookworm' to 07931 966 186

Green Fingers WhatsApp Group - Share knowledge, information and ideas. Share your photos and tips for looking after your house plants, when to plant outside and gardening ideas. Get creative and keep in touch.

Text 'Green Fingers' to 07931 966 186

Quit It WhatsApp Group - for those looking to quit smoking or need support to continue to not smoke. Receive support and advice from our advisors. Get access to your free Nicotine Replacement. Don't go it alone. Connect with others to get new ideas and the motivation to succeed.

Text 'Quit' it to 07931 966 186

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