Meetings for Monton Village Community Association 2021

This message is for all members, contacts, supporters and friends of MVCA.

As life continues – albeit in a slightly different and sadly less sociable way – we hope you are all well? MVCA continues as a voluntary organisation, working to provide information, opportunities and actions for the benefit of our village and our community, wherever possible.

For the foreseeable future, we will hold our regular monthly meetings online, as we started to, nearly a year ago…. As you may recall, we changed the meetings so that most of them are still ‘Member Meetings’, where everyone is welcome and we have a wide Agenda and an opportunity for all to speak.

Then every 2 or 3 meetings has now become a ‘Business Meeting’, where only the committee heads attend, and update the elected officers (on your behalf) about any projects, ideas or innovations.

Next week is our first ‘Member Meetings’ of the year – and below, is a schedule for the rest of the year. We don’t hold meetings in August and we don’t usually have them in December either – but we have scheduled a festive ‘Social’ for the end of the year: we think we’ll really need one by then!

So please, put the Member Meetings in your diary, and we look forward to seeing you (online…) then.

Membership Meetings

Wednesday 27 January - 7pm

Wednesday 24 February - 7pm

Wednesday 28 April - 7pm

Wednesday 26 May - 7pm

Wednesday 26 July - 7pm

Wednesday 29 September - 7pm

Wednesday 27 October - 7pm

Wednesday 15 December - 7pm

Committee Meetings

Wednesday 31 March - 7pm

Wednesday 30 June - 7pm

Wednesday 24 November - 7pm

We'll be in touch shortly before each meeting with the invite details - we look forward to seeing you at a MVCA meeting soon!