Monton Veteran Shelter vandalised....AGAIN!!

Sadly, since MVCA raised the funds for the refurbishment of the Veterans Shelter on Monton Green, it has been vandalised for the 5th time!!!

The roof has been damaged several times, walls and benches graffitied. Now parts of the bench at the back has been ripped off, bits of the stone window ledges chipped off and scrawled on by someone called Alfie and the roof tiles damaged.


There is no more money in the pot to repair this damage. However, the Council have agreed repair the bench and remove the graffiti. MVCA is looking at the possibility of a CCTV camera and security light but again, this takes money.

We need funds to pay for the security measures and a backup fund in case of further vandalism. As a resident, if you feel you would like to support MVCA to protect the Veterans shelter which is prominent local feature and part of the history of Monton please contact us on.

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