More from the Barton Theatre - keeping busy in lockdown

We hope you are keeping well and enjoying our new found freedom.

We aim to start rehearsals for Jack And The Beanstalk in September, for performance at the Lowry in January.

We will be back! Before then we have PANTO IN LOCKDOWN - Four of the lockdown video performances are available to watch, with three more coming in the next two weeks.

Our fairy roving reporter interviews both the genie stuck in her lamp and that unsung heroine or hero of Pantomime ...... The Narrator

Who doesn’t love The Narrator ?

Always there to tell you what’s going on in the Panto, reminding you who to boo and who to cheer, letting you know they’re going to take a 15 minute break so you can get some ice cream .......... We love The Narrator !

But it seems that’s not always the case backstage ………..

Our Next Panto Character to tell us how he's coped in lockdown is everyone's Arch Enemy ... Abanazer !!

But being that villainous creature that he is, he refused to meet up with us on zoom, claiming that he wanted " total control of subject matter, 'slant' and opinions expressed .... and "I'll record my own piece, thankyou very much "

And he did !

See the videos on our website, Facebook, Twitter or UTube

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