MVCA (Monton Village Community Association) is Hibernating until April 2022!!!

Most of you will know that MVCA hasn’t been operating it’s usual programme of events during the Covid pandemic and as such the Association has been really quiet. As we move into the winter months and especially given the uncertainty around what might happen next with Covid, it’s unlikely that we’ll be resuming events for now.

In addition to this our long-standing chair and all round Superwoman Liz Harris needs to take a break from her role for a period of time for personal reasons, and our volunteer numbers have been really low for a while now.

So we decided at our last meeting on 24th November that MVCA will be hibernating until the AGM in Spring 2022, at which point we’ll hopefully be in a better place!

Our social media channels which includes the website will remain active during this time, and if you need to get in touch, our Secretary can be contacted at mvcasecretary@hotmail.com.

So this is MVCA signing off until Spring, take care of yourselves Monton.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Feedback absolutely welcome…