The Coffee Collective Van @ Dukes Drive, Monton

The Coffee Collective van is a fairly new addition to the eating scene in Monton and it is parked on Dukes Drive.

Opening hours are:-

Friday 0800-1400

@12pm there is a community walking group that use the van as a starting point and enjoy a free brew before they set off. They are called Talk about it Mate.

Saturday 0800-1400

Park Run starts at 0900 on Saturdays and they are there to provide drinks and snacks to top up the energy level of the runners.

Sunday 0800-1400

If you are going for a stroll stop by for a coffee and a chat.

The Coffee Collective have donated over 70 free cups of coffee to all the volunteers at Salford Food Bank recently thanks to their Pay It Forward Board the community of Monton donate towards each week.