Veterans' Shelter on Monton Green damaged............AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN!!

Very sadly, the renovated Veterans' Shelter on Monton Green has been subject to vandalism yet again. This time, some idiots have tried to set fire to the benches at the back of the shelter.

So far since renovation, the roof has been damaged twice, the stonework on the sills chipped away, 4 lots of graffiti now what end?

Salford Council have been marvellous and have repaired the roof, cleaned off the graffiti and hopefully will repair the seating. However, this continuing vandalism is costly to repair in a time when the Council is struggling to maintain services. There have been huge cuts to Council funding from Central Government over the past five years or more.

The people who continue to do this have no thought for the environment or the community they live in. It costs money and time to repair the damage done and there is only a limited budget for this.

A large amount of people of all ages use the shelter without incident but there are always the few who spoil things for the many. The Greens, the Shelter and the walkway have been used extensively during lockdown.

If you see any suspicious behaviour around the Shelter or on the Greens in Monton, please report it to the police.

Monton Village community Association is working with the Council on getting a CCTV located on the Green to cover the shelter and the Greens surrounding it.

Also, if anyone comes across fly tipping, graffiti or vandalism to Council land or property, please report it to

Many thanks

Monton Village Community Association

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