Veterans' Shelter on Monton Green graffitied............AGAIN!!

Very sadly, the renovated Veterans' Shelter on Monton Green has been badly graffitied again - Obscene language scrawled across three walls at the back of the shelter. This is about the fifth or sixth time that the shelter has been damaged since it was renovated in 2019

The roof has been damaged twice, the stonework on the sills chipped away, 3 lots of what end?

The people who continue to do this have no thought for the environment or the community they live in. It costs money and time to repair the damage done and there is only a limited budget for this.

The Salford Council Graffiti Team are marvellous and managed to remove the graffiti on Monday. MVCA often call the Team about graffiti around the area and they come out fairly quickly to remove any. If you should see any in your travels please use the Salford Council Report It function on their website

A large amount of people of all ages use the shelter without incident but there are always the few who spoil things for the many. Should you see any suspicious behaviour around the Shelter or on the Greens in Monton, please report it to the police.

Many thanks

Monton Village Community Association

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